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New Taste Buds

” Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly. “― M.F.K. Fisher

The New Taste Buds started with a humble motive – make the cooking of South Indian foods an effortless and fun experience for all.

South Indian foods like Idli and Dosa have gained cult status across the world. But cooking these in our kitchens has become a challenge in the modern world where time has become more valuable than anything else.  So, we aim to bridge this gap by making it possible for all to cook their favourite food. We provide batter in all its authenticity and purity but packaged in a way to suit the needs of the modern world.

We knew from the very beginning that this humble motive was not one that could be taken lightly. We needed to get it all right – the food, the process, the packaging and of course the team.

The overwhelming response that we have received from our customers has been an assurance that we have succeeded in delivering safe, natural food without any chemical additives whatsoever, using the best of ingredients and optimized processes, through a passionate team of employees who believe in delivering nothing but the best. And we are committed to continuous improvement…

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Our Story

They say that ideas often arise not at your desk, but in the midst of living.  This was exactly the case with our business idea. It was a relaxed evening, and we two friends were having Idlis at a South Indian restaurant in Bahrain. As we looked around at the artefacts in the restaurant which reflected South Indian culture, our eyes fell upon a Bahraini man and his family relishing and enjoying their cheese masala dosa. The man gave us a warm smile and told us about his love for dosas and also about his inability to have them more often as his cook did not know to make them. Of course, this was not an uncommon sight in Bahrain. Our discussions then became about our experiences and readings about how people all over the world loved the humble dosa and idli and about the presence of successfully running South Indian restaurants all over the world.

We wondered then – Idli and dosa are not new to the world.  They have been mentioned even in our 9th-century scriptures. Then why is this food that was introduced to the world centuries ago, that is loved all over the world, that is considered very healthy and is relatively easy to make, not being made in the homes of all the people who love it?

Then it struck us – the BATTER is what mattered!! Soaking, blending and fermenting the ingredients in the right proportion, in the right manner for the right amount of time to get that super white, soft, light and fluffy product is an art in itself and we both thought at the same time – Let’s present the world with this batter – Batter That Matters!  This moment led to the inception of the NEW TASTE BUDS.

Our Mission

To enable every single dosa/idli lover in Bahrain to cook, enjoy and savour a better one in his kitchen…. effortlessly!

Our Vision

To be recognized as a product of uncompromising quality, produced by a team that believes in excellence, commitment and integrity.

Our Food

From the offset, we were very clear that we would never compromise on two aspects - health and quality. The food we provide is healthy, clean, wholesome, free of artificial flavours or preservatives or any other chemical additives. The food is of the highest quality. We not only use natural and fresh ingredients, but we also employ authentic and traditional methods. So, the food we provide is made with the same love and care as the food in your own homes.

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